Posted on June 17, 2002

“I bought the HT112 from Music Stand in Detroit. I emailed Mr. Bergantino and he told me that Music Stand had one in stock, he even emailed Music Stand that I was coming to try it out. I was looking for a portable cab but didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality. The HT112 is just awesome!!! Very smooth overall frequency response. Lows are very PHAT, fast, focused and clear, never muddy, highs are very smooth, never harsh. Low mids and high mids are very rich, never honky. The crossover unit is probably the best in the industry. I noticed that all the jacks are sealed with silicone so these holes will not effect the sound of the cab. I have a Sadowsky 4 string, and run it through an Eden WT400, this combination can create pretty much any sound you can think of. This cab has no coloration, especially in the mids like some other brands. I would recommend this cab to anyone. Yeah, it’s a little pricy for it’s size, but it’s worth every dollar. It will blow away any 2×10, even 4×10’s. There are some other high end stuff, but Bergantino is definately the best sounding and the highest quality cab you will ever find in the market.” Marcus Morizuka / Detroit Michigan