Posted on June 4, 2007

“Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that after checking out the IP112+EX112 stack, I was totally sold on it! Whatever you put in that IP112 works like a charm, the combination of the sound (exactly the sound I hear in my head) and the portability of the stack, is nothing short of amazing. Dave Beasley of the Groove Shoppe and myself were laughing at how ridiculously loud the stack was with no distortion whatsoever. Thanks for making it possible to have a bass rig that does not kill my back, and sounds like it’s the size of a refrigerator….pure genius! I was wondering if you have any recommendations as far as a suitable preamp? Right now, I’m using my very compact Raven Labs preamp, and it sounds great, but is lacking a low impedance output for the house mix. Jim, you make a really fine product, I look forward to shocking a few people with this rig! ” Thanks, Chuck