Posted on Mar. 1, 2002

“Hi Jim, Finding it necessary to find a smaller cabinet for gigs, I ordered one of your HT 112 cabinets from my buds at Bass Central after reading the review on 1X12’s in the lastest Bass Player magazine. I was drawn to yours because it was the smallest one of the bunch. I was a bit apprehensive at first having ordered the cabinet without trying but I decided to go for it anyway. My regular workhorse is an SWR redhead & I love it. I knew that going to a smaller cabinet was going to be a compromise & I was ready to deal with it so it would fit in my new 2 seat car! I guess I was wrong about that! My doubts were gone once I fired it up with my 1200W Walter Woods amp. No compromise….I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this tiny thing! The lows are incredibly deep and the woofer really moves air accurately without a hint of muddiness. This is very important to me, I have always found that larger speakers in general, especially 15’s are deep, but way too sloppy sounding for my style and high mids tend to suffer (I can’t stand cabs with big sound but no clarity). Yet some 10’s are so tight, depending on the design, that they don’t offer enough cone movement to really get the air moving (not to mention a bit of phase cancellation with multi drivers). No problem here. The pitch definition is the best of any cabinet I’ve heard and I could not detect any noticible dead or overly resonant frequencies in the cab as I played up & down the neck of the bass (hmmm, do I really still need to use a compressor?). The cab has it’s own tonal “character” without exaggerating or coloring my sound. Because the sound is so clear & responsive across the full spectrum, I am finding myself using an even lighter touch to get a full tone. These things, in my mind eliminate the need to keep turning the volume up to hear what notes you’re playing in a band situation (we all know how that can get out of hand!). The highs are clear, focused, snappy & in your face without being brittle or piercing. (Some “hi-fi” cabs have overly transparent highs which give them a thin sound from a distance). I am also impressed by the meticulous minimal use of space. It is only just as big as it needs to be to fit the two speakers and get the fullest sound possible. The 1X12 is so compact, I can make one trip from my car to the gig, bass & all (no more parking out front with the 4-way hazards). Then when it’s showtime I’ve still got tone & power to spare. Thanks for proving that my sound not only will fit into the front seat of a sports car, but can also improve at the same time.” Sincerely, Cedric Noel Hanover, PA p.s. (nice cover too)