Posted on Mar. 16, 2009

“Hi again, Another comment from me, well I’ve got ANOTHER Bergantino cab!!! And am about to get another!!!!! OMG!! Owned a NV610 for a few yrs now & LOVE IT -superb cab!!!! About 8 months ago I bought a NV215- SUPERB also. This suits my soul/funk band perfectly as the 6″ HF driver adds JUST a little top end- NOT sizzle like a tweeter- but smooth clear tops. Now- like a few Aussie & New Zealanders I know of- we’ve got an AMAZING choice-albeit a hard one- which cab to use- the NV610 or 215???? I find the 610 all punch & perfect for rock, but will suit ANY type of music!! The NV215 I find is a deeper yet higher cab that you feel more than the 610-not as punchy- yet an awesome cab that sounds great for funk/soul/blues etc.. I can also run my V4BH 100w tube head a li’l harder into this as it’s a frction quieter a cab than the NV610- so this suits at some venues where VOL is not needed too much & I can push the V4BH into OD nicely. Am also about to buy a AE112 for my small gigs with my Jazz band. Wil report on this soon. Keep up the great work JIM- great products & service. ” Rod Lowe