Posted on Mar. 19, 2006

“After talking to Mr. Bergantino, I decided to purchase an IP310 and IP212 without even hearing them first. Not to repeat myself, you can read my past comments above about my 322’s (Dec. 4th, 2005 – Dominick J.). When I first played my new IPs my jaw just hit the floor!! Basically these new cabs take everything I love about my 322’s to a whole new level. Either the 212 or 310 sound unreal by themselves (the DSP and poweramp rule!!) but pair them together and it’s a wall of tone!! Punchy, clear, deep and full with the usual amazing top end. I have to admit, I was suprised by the sound of the IP212, I thought that the IP310 would spank it in the tone and punch depts. but it’s a toss up as to which I prefer. I tried both cabs with a Trace Elliot head and a Millennia TD-1. The Millennia sounds far better than the Trace but I think my favorite preamp for the Bergies is still the Demeter HBP-1. I have two on order right now and I think that, along with the IP’s will be the end of the road for my ultimate tone search. I like these new cabs so much I’m selling all of my other amps and cabs and I plan on buying one more IP (for the practice pad) and that’s it, TONE HEAVEN!!” Thank you Jim!! Dominick J. Mesa, AZ