Posted on Mar. 5, 2009

“Hi Jim, Like many others, I have owned every major brand of bass amp looking for the right combination of tone, size, and power. After countless hours of reading and research I was convinced your IP series was what I had been looking for all these years. When I received my IP112ER I was extremely impressed with its overall packaging and quality. I eagerly plugged in my new preamp – one repeatedly described as a great companion for the IP – and was underwhelmed. Disappointed but undaunted, I continued my preamp search to find one that produced the tone I wanted. On my third try – magic! Once I was able to input my desired tone into the IP112ER what was fed back to me (at immense volume) was that same tone across every fret/string/note on the neck, perfectly clear and at an even and consistent level. My advice to those intrigued by the IP design philosophy – just do it. Remember that the IP Series will exactly reproduce whatever you put into it, so be prepared to invest a little time finding “your” tone generator if you haven’t done so already. Jim, thank you for this fantastic feat of acoustic engineering. ” Warm regards,John Bates-Portland, ME