Posted on Mar. 8, 2005

“What else can be said about the mighty HT322, not much but after purchasing one from Low Down Sound in Detroit, MI I felt the need to express myself…WOOOOOOOOOOOW! What a cabinet! This thing just plain rocks. The detail built into this cab is nothing short of perfection. The build quality is exceptional, great handles, I love the 3in casters they make it easy to move and electronics are top notch, I love the fact that the horn attn is “cut only”. Now for the Tone…..PERFECT. This is the most “balanced” sounding cab I have ever heard. Every part of the frequency is defined, it has a low end to die for, the mids are strong and punchy and you can cut through even the loudest stage mix like a knife. The high end is as sweet as it gets. The horn and Crossover are the best I have ever heard. The horn does have the “hiss” that you hear out of most HiFi cabs. This cab will let you hear your bass as it was meant to be heard. I have played lots of rigs and cabs from SWR, to GK, etc a! and they are good cabs in their own right but don’t hold a candle to the “bergy” HT322. A shout out to Ryan and Bob at Low Down Sound in Detroit, MI for introducing me to the best cab on the planet. To wrap it up…If your reading this trying to get an idea of what cab to buy, look no further, demo it in the store, buy it and take to one rehersal or gig and “hear” yourself for the first time! -JT”