Posted on May 25, 2009

“I just recently joined a blues band, I have been playing for only 2 ½ years but am quickly learning about weight and quality of sound. I did my homework and bought my AE210 from Bass Central. I use a Mark Bass 12” combo right now, when I add my 210 it is an amazing combo and light weight. I own an Ampeg SVT 3 pro and Ampeg 1×15 cab…its sound dead compared to the Bergantino. My plan is to add a 12” Berg cab and buy a separate amp such as Aquilar to give me greater flexability and superior sound. And all in a manageable size. MY last gig was outdoors, I mic’d the AE210 into the PA and it gave all it needed to. Indoors, there is no need to blast the audience, 2 Bergantino cabs and a 500-600 Watt Amp should be all I ever need. LOVE the sound, love the quality, found price reasonable.” Marc Rosen