Posted on May 29, 2017

At 61, needless to say i have owned a ton of equipment over the years. Good equipment. One day I purchased a used HT322 and then an HT212. I was amazed at the clarity and power of these cabs. A bit heavy but I was a bit younger and didn’t really care. Now its all about sound/mobility of it all. The HDN cabs and B|Amp seemed perfect. So I went in my studio, packed up my twin Acoustic 360 rigs [yes two] and carried in an HDN210 and the B|Amp in bag over my shoulder. I am so happy with this rig and the amount of sound it puts out, and my friends were looking around for another hidden cab somewhere LOL. With an HDN112 on the way it will only get better. So my compressor, tuner and fuzz went on eBay. The onboard effect are fantastic and my Phase 90 and wah wah thru the effects loop is perfect. It all just works so well together. The B|Amp is not just another little amp, and it is worth more than the asking price. Nothing comes close to it. Thanks Mr Bergantino.

  • Vernon H.