Posted on Nov. 12, 2004

“Hello, and a big thank you to everyone at Bergantino! I have been using the HT 112 with a Clarus II for nearly a year now, but it was the past six months of cross-Canada touring which really put it to the test, and convinced me that I got more than I paid for. The characteristic that I love most about this cab is that while it certainly has the guts and depth to handle large rooms and stages, even outdoors, it also has the sensitivity to operate at much lower volumes — which is where most of my work gets done. It never washes out the whole stage, but projects well into the room. The sound is natural and transparent, but not too thin or brittle. Always plenty of support, whether its acoustic folk, a jazz trio, or something much louder. Thank you, and keep up the good work! ” Michael-Owen Liston, Vancouver, B.C., Canada