Posted on Nov. 22, 2007

“I just played my first gig with my new IP112 and HT112 cab using a Demeter HBP preamp. Before I get lost in descriptive terms about tone and responsiveness, let me just say how impressed I am with the sheer volume. And not just volume, but clear, full range volume that didn’t have the usual hot/dead spots…really amazing. The weight and portability are unbeatable and that goes along way in prolonging the career of working players like myself. I can safely say that all my club dates and church gigs can be covered using this rig. And now I’m not lifting anything over 45lbs. Now I want to qualify this by saying that I was hesitant to change my rig in the first place since I’ve been an avid HT322 player for a few years now. I might be premature in saying this after only 1 session, but this setup sounds and feels as good…no better than my HT322s. The EQ and DSP settings Jim has chosen are superb. I ran my preamp totally flat and the tone was wonderful. Okay, so we all know that Jim is a genius but the IP series changes everything. Easier to transport, fast setup, incredible tone and power, and the ability to hear all the subtle differences of different basses and preamps. I am hooked! ”