Posted on Nov. 5, 2002

“I’m a long time working musician in South Florida and have been through plenty of gear such as: (in order)Hartke, SWR Goliath II, Eden 410 XLT and most recently the discontinued EA 2×10 – 2×5.5 – horn cab. This past week I took delivery of the Berg. 310 and played an outdoor festival Friday night. In a word: unbelievable. Big round bottom (OUTDOOR CONCRETE STAGE!!!), very tight and controlled, nice growl and majorly snappy on the top. My EA cab always gave something way on the bottom, but was great on top (insert inuendo here) but the Berg does everything well. The loudness issue I’ve read about is false. I used a MoBass and an Eden WT500 out there and they had NO prob keeping up. Love it!!! Also, I had an input question before purchase and recieved an email from the builder within an hour after asking. I’m VERY impressed. I play very high end basses and they’ve never sounded so good!”