Posted on Oct. 16, 2011

“I find myself blessed to live in the only city in western Canada to have a Bergantino dealer (Edmonton, Ab). 😀 I very recently purchased an AE410 and gigged with it that night. (Run through an S.W.R. Headlite and Amplite for the 2nd cab) This is the best sounding cab I’ve ever heard in my life and very intensely well worth every single solitary cent I paid for it. I never thought I would be able to drop that large of an amount of money on a single 410 cab and not have that nagging fear of “Omg why did I do that?, this better work out!”, rather the opposite is the case and I find myself now fully jonesing for another AE410 to replace the other Big Brand Name 410hlf enclosure (which I always thought was great and still mostly is but now kinda sounds like a boomy cardboard box compared to your stuff) that I’m now currently using underneath the AE410. Fully apparent to me is; very much like a particular enclosure manufacturer up here in Canada whom I won’t name here, your products are built as “Cabs for life” ” Thanks folks! You guys totally rock!!