Posted on Oct. 23, 2004

“Ok. I’ve just spent 2hrs on a FRIDAY night reading all these comments about Bergantino’s cabinets after spending 4hrs at the local guitar shop comparing Ampeg to Fender to SWR to Peavey to Aguilar and of course to Bergantino. I played every combination available among these makes, heads and cabinets both. Hands down the 6×10 Bergantino won me over with it’s seamless transition from highs to lows and exact emulation of my prized Fender Jazz which I spent 2 weeks to find, playing it against every bass available for sale, in Tucson, AZ – literally. I have been playing through a Carvin 1000 head with a Carvin 4×10 and Carvin 1×18. It’s safe to say that I’m switching to the Berg NV610 unless I can find a NV425 or HT322 to listen to first. I have a hunch that I may be able to get a decent sound using my Carvin head along with an Avalon pre-amp. Can you give me some input on this? ”