Posted on Oct. 9, 2006

“I recently purchased the HT122S/HT210S stack to cover the bigger gigs my HT/EX112 stack wouldn’t do. First gig I used them on I was quite impressed. With a footprint not much bigger than my smaller stack they put out an incredible amount of volume with very good tone. I used them with the HT122S on the bottom and the HT210S on top, the way anyone would normally think to set them up. As good as they sounded there was something about them that sounded like a slight mismatch between the cabs that bothered me a little. I remembered someone telling me that on the old HT115/HT210 rig Jim would recommend putting the HT210 on the bottom, so I decided to try that with this rig. HOLY BEANO BATMAN, my GAS is OVER!!! Swapping the cabs around transformed these cabs into the most beautiful sounding rig I’ve ever heard in my life! Every thing I want to hear from my bass is there with such evenness and smoothness I can’t believe my ears. I’m using a Walter Woods Ultra and an EA iAmp 800, and on both amps I am able to run them nearly flat with great results. I’ve been playing over 30 years with 20 of those as music with my only source of income. I am very picky about my tone and portability is also a factor in choosing my gear. The list of gear I’ve been through over the years would rival the infamous Tom Bowlus. I can not describe the feeling of finality that came over me, that my gear search is over and I can now get on with my life! THANK YOU JIM BERGANTINO!!!!” Mark David