Posted on Sept. 15, 2004

“Dear Jim: Thank you ever so much for making the HT322. This is by far the best sounding bass cabinet on the market today, period. No questions asked. I own a Trace Elliot L1110 amp, Eden “Metro” and an Ampeg Portabass cab and none of these can hold a candle to the pure and natural sound coming from a HT322. No fancy gizmos or built in equalizers, this is a very powerful, trouble free, pure sounding speaker cab. If you are seeking the best than the HT322 is the cab for you. My Trace Elliot is a original first production amp made in Britain, this is a very good amp but not as powerful or clear sounding as the HT322. Period. God Bless you Jim. You are the greatest! ” Sincerely, Tony Casaceli