Posted on Sept. 15, 2004

“I’ve used this cab with an Ampeg SVT 4 Pro for practicing for several months. I finally had a chance to gig with some friends. The Drummer plays very loud. This one cab can keep up with a loud unamplified drum set and sounds awesome. With the deep switch on, I actually have to low down the Bass and set it between 9 and 10 o’clock with my American Jazz Bass. With my American Precision, I let the bass be flat or up to 1 o’clock. The volume was set at 2 o’clock, so there was plenty of power left that I didn’t have to use yet. I don’t use the EQ at all. My pals are very pleased with the sound of my gear. Nice clean and BIG vintage sound with the Ampeg amp, with this nice distortion when pushed. Very round bottom and very punchy. It’s my first expensive cab and I’m very pleased. It makes my playing experience very enjoyable. I hope you guys will keep up the production, because I plan to buy another one as soon as my budget allows me. ”