Posted on Sept. 3, 2003

“So I am now the proud owner of another 6 10″ cab and let me tell you two are better than one. One is great and does everything I could have possibly asked for in a bass cab, but who could have known the power of two. Two 6 10″s together is absolutely ferocious. It is scary to be honest. It shakes your balls like a two dollar whore. I’m telling you if you want to stand out as a player you get one, but if you want everyone to say what the f%*$, then you get two. It’s the second time now that this product has changed my life. It’s everything and so much more. If you play rock music you would be an absolute fool to get anything but one of these cabs. I have played pretty much every cab on the market and none can hold a candle to one of Bergantino’s cabs. He is an all around business man which is a rarity in the entertainment industry. Where he lacks is that not everyone owns his products yet, but they will soon enough. Other than that I wouldn’t hesitate doing business with him for the rest of my life. I just wish every other music craftsman was as customer and product committed as Jim Bergantino. I use an Ashdown EVO 900 head (1800 watts peak) to power my rig, which I feel is the only way to go so far. However, Jim has eluded to me that he might be creating a product that will rival the ashdown and I wouldn’t doubt that he would be the one to pull it off. 10+ all around for this product. I can’t think of one thing that I would incorporate or change. It is truly perfect in everyway, but that’s what you get when you go with the best and that is definitely Bergantino Audio Systems.” Ryan Hoover Quota