Posted on September 3, 2015

Hey everyone. I’ve had the privilege and extreme pleasure to test drive these Two great cabinets, the Bergantino AD112 and AD212. Very seldom do I find a piece of gear that is a true game changer. The AD112 and AD212 are big time!

I played both these cabinets in a few different various gigs and venues, what I can say is they make me want to make music! Warm, fat, present, articulate, balanced, all the things us guitar players look for and hear in our heads. I do hear my guitar again for the first time indeed! I also had comments from listeners to that effect. ” I heard every note”, a comment from a friend who’s heard me play for 30 years. ” I hear the guitar, the pickups, the wood” from another. “How come your playing your ass off tonigh?” from a band member. I also AB’d the AD112 against another highly respected 1×12 cab. I didn’t want to play the “other” cab at all after the playing the Bergantino AD112.

Jim Bergantino, I thank you for creating a great INSTRUMENT! Your new AD line of guitar cabinets will no doubt be a hit, make an impact and cause us guys to realize our inspiration. In other words the AD cabs are the end of the road for me and I know they will be for ya’ll that love to sound great and have total feel, artistry and confidence in your playing.

Nick Hall