Bergantino Artist Mitch Starkman

“I have a sensitive ear and am pretty particular on the way I like my tone. My bias is for transparency and a natural organic sound. This is the main reason why I’ve gone to Bergantino head and cabs. When I plug into this rig I hear my bass the way it sounds pretty much the way it sounds when I use a very direct recording chain. Although every situation you plug into colours your bass to some degree, after years of hearing your instruments in a direct signal chain WHILE in recording environments I got to know what they basically sound like as instruments, and when I plug into Bergantino that’s what I hear. Sold! 🙂 If I’m going to spend all this time and energy and money into getting the BASS specs perfect for what I wanted in any instrument, that’s what I want to hear come out of an amp. I believe in getting the flavour of my tone from the bass specs and my hands, and the amp should just reproduce that as accurately as possible”.