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Posted on Jan. 5, 2002

“Jim, I finally had the chance to try out the HT310. All I can say is I have absolutley no regrets selling the Eden cabs. When I first plugged in my Lakland, I couldn’t believe the balance, clarity and punch of the cab at every volume. The horn never got “hissy” even when turned most […]

Posted on Dec. 31, 2001

“Jim: A little different kind of post. As of now, I have never heard a Bergantino cab. There are no dealers in the Cleveland area (yet). Recently, I have been in contact with many nationally recognized music stores. In fact, I had one store A/B a Bergantino and an EA cab through an Iamp600 and […]

Posted on Dec. 25, 2001

“I’d been looking at buying a larger cab to supplement my SWR California Blonde, and my wife bought me an HT310 for Christmas this morning. Wow. Just wow. This sounds awesome, even with the totally inadequate amp I’m running into it. I am a very happy owner.” Steve B (Chapman Stick, theremin, bass)

Posted on Dec. 12, 2001

“Bergantino cabs are simply the best performing/sounding cabs you can buy. The cash I got from the sale of my SWR 610 stayed in my pocket for all of 15 minutes. I bought the Berg 212 earlier this year and soon after bought the 112. I run the 112 on the other side of the […]

Posted on Nov. 10, 2001

“I just ordered a third 1×12″ – the guys on the other side of the stage asked me to run one for them. Also used a 1-12 in the studio this week with my 5 string acoustic upright. The cab handled the low B string (lots of low B’s,C’s & D’s) so well that the […]

Posted on Oct. 31, 2001

“Jim, I just purchased the Bergantino 3×10 cabinet….after months of testing out 4×10 cabinets, your 3×10 cabinet was hands down the best sounding cabinet available. I paid a little more for it, but it was well worth it.” Thanks, Dave