Dave Hope

Bergantino Artist Dave Hope

Bergantino Audio Systems is proud to welcome Dave Hope to their family of artists. An industry icon and founding member of Kansas, Dave and his band of misfits combined elements of jazz, rock and operatic anthems in their music. Dave’s bass played an immense role in the band’s success by marrying Kansas’ complex melodies with texture, creative dissidence, hooks and riffs. He says: “I’m loving my Bergantino Forté HP and my highest compliment is that at the age of 71, for the first time in my life, I am not in the market for an amplifier or a bass! I now have the best of both for my needs.”

Dave Hopes Interview with Bergantino’s Lee Presgrave

Dave uses the new NXV 210 (Neo X-Treme Vintage) and the Forté HP