Bergantino Artist Jon D’Auria 

Bergantino Artist Jon D’Auria 

“The clarity and articulation of Bergantino amps is unprecedented. They truly allow the fingers of the player and the distinct characteristics of the bass come through with remarkable transparency. And the power and headroom that they give you will make the walls rumble in any sized venue. No matter what style I’m playing, this gear allows me to be both heard and felt in the best way possible.”

Jon D’Auria has been playing and writing about bass for over two decades. As a performing bassist he covers a lot of ground stylistically, hitting the stage and recording with artists spanning a large range of genres. Both an electric and upright player, he relies on his Bergantino amps to deliver the sound that he loves. When he’s not gigging or in the studio, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Bass Magazine.  

Location: Arizona

Gear: Forté, NXTSE 212, Super Pre 

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