Bergantino Artist Kevin Jones

“My Bergantino Audio Systems gear allows me to go from a completely crystal clear sound useful for theater calls with my fretless all the way to a 60s-70s over-driven tube tone that allows me to cover a British hard rock feel. In one gig, I might be needing to go from fuzzed out to modern funk within the course of one set, and with the flexibility of both the cabinets and the B|Amp, I can do it all. You could play the Amp with no special settings and totally flat for the rest of your life with incredible satisfaction, but it’s great to be able to dial in exactly what I need for a particular song. The gear is as flexible and creative as you are.”

Location: Baltimore MD

Bergantino Equipment Used: B|Amp, HDN 210, HDN 112

Associated Bands: Kevin will be playing at the Chesapeake Arts Center for eight upcoming shows of “Heathers” the musical. Sacred Heart Contemporary Choir, as well as many bands including the Third-Wall Productions, Charm City Players, Glyndon Area Players, and The Deviations.