Bergantino Artist Claudio Rocha

As a session player and sideman from Sao Paulo, Claudio is best known as the bassist for the “Brazilian Idol” TV show, X-Factor Brazil and for touring with Disney Brazil’s High School Musical – A Seleção. His studio work can be found in the records of top brazilian artists including Claudia Leitte, Daniel, and many others.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Gear: The Bergantino B|AMP

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Instagram: @claudioracha1




Bergantino Artist Mitch Starkman

“I have a sensitive ear and am pretty particular on the way I like my tone. My bias is for transparency and a natural organic sound. This is the main reason why I’ve gone to Bergantino head and cabs. When I plug into this rig I hear my bass the way it sounds pretty much the way it sounds when I use a very direct recording chain. Although every situation you plug into colours your bass to some degree, after years of hearing your instruments in a direct signal chain WHILE in recording environments I got to know what they basically sound like as instruments, and when I plug into Bergantino that’s what I hear. Sold! 🙂 If I’m going to spend all this time and energy and money into getting the BASS specs perfect for what I wanted in any instrument, that’s what I want to hear come out of an amp. I believe in getting the flavour of my tone from the bass specs and my hands, and the amp should just reproduce that as accurately as possible”.

Location: Toronto, CANADA

Gear: The Reference 2 10” cab, Reference 1 12” cab, and a Forte head

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Bergantino Artist David Goldflies

“I used the new bass rig on the gig – Blistering! If my notes were made of fluffy pastries before, they are now made out of tempered steel. Just clear, responsive, loud, nuanced — I play chords and every note is pristine. I used a Zoom B9.1ut effects pedal with it (Hartke amp pre) and the whole system gave me a new level of punch and crunch in the notes.” “The Forté has been rock solid, which is the first priority for any equipment used in performance. The sound has been clear and responsive. The Forté is providing me with all sorts of shades and nuance in my sound.”

Location: Florida

Gear: The forte’, the HG410 and the HDN212. They are both light and compact, and I can stack them for a very small stage footprint. Together they are incredible.

Bands: Allman Goldflies Band, Panama City POPS Orchestra, The New Electronic Orchestra

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Bergantino Artist Rick Gauthier Jr.

“Bergantino is one of those names, that within the industry is well known that this brand is one of the highest quality of products. There were not a lot of dealers around where I grew up and it wasn’t until I moved to Chicago at which I spent a lot of time working at Bass Club Chicago and had the opportunity to play every product down the line side by side and choose what was best for my ears. What I found with the side by side comparison is if you were to put a blindfold on and have someone play what you will find is with this product you get unparallel clarity and really true tone. No matter what bass you plug into a Bergantino amplifier you are going to hear that bass in its purest form. What I love about the Bergantino fortè and B|AMP is that what you hear is not colored…. It amplifies the instrument you are using in the clearest way possible. I find the same thing with Bergantino Cabs. Your products are clean, transparent, and beautiful. Some amps sound like the amp no matter what you plug in. That greasy SVT tone for example. That sound is the same playing a P or a Warwick or a Lakland. The Bergantino amplifiers let you sound like your specific instrument. You’ll hear your bass more clearly than you every thought possible. Pure, transparent, and clean.”

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Gear: Bergantino forte’, Bergantino HG410, Bergantino HDN112


Nick Drouin a country artist from New Hampshire and we just released our first record and it’s going really well. (

Romeo Dance Cheetah! It falls into the category of comedy rock. It’s a great time for everyone involved and really good music! We get to do very interesting things which makes it fun and it’s a talented group of people. (

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Instagram: @rickeatsbacon

Bergantino Artist Maurice Fitzgerald

“I was on this tone search and wanted my bass to sound the way it does when I hear it back in the studio—full, rich and lots of tone. I must say, this bass cab and amp exceeded my expectations. I love how Jim designed the forté head. That thing is incredible, it can handle anything and I love that big knob. It’s amazing like an old hi fi stereo. You have a hold on producing true tone, and I just love it.”

Location:  Chicago, Illinois

Gear: The HDN212, The Reference 112, The NV412T, and the forte’

Bands: The Isley Brothers Band

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Instagram @devinsdad23

Bergantino Artist Fred Koogler -Two time inductee to Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association’s Hall of Fame

“ When I heard about Jim’s design for the HG 410, the concept made perfect sense to me. I knew I had to have one. The HG 410 and the Forte paired are the best amplification setup I have ever played through. Period. Thanks, Jim and Holly for great products and service.”

Location: Pella, Iowa

Bergantino Gear: HG410, Bergantino forte’


Jam Band, The Bluesdawgs

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