Bergantino Artist Mitch Friedman

Mitch Friedman‘s charisma and magnetic personality are just a few of the reasons we love working with him.Spending time with him in Brooklyn NY, seeing him in action playing and conversing with people showcased why he has been so successful. Please check out Mitch’s story below!

“I started hanging out at Rudy’s Music on 48th Street, and fell in love with the Bergantino HT115. It’s maybe the nicest-sounding single 15ʺ cab I’ve ever heard to this day. When the Bergantino NV series came out, it felt like the NV215 with that 6ʺ mid-driver rather than a tweeter was made for me. I still have mine, and it’s an incredible cab, especially with a big, fat tube amp, like my old Trace Elliot V6.  The clarity and low end from just two Bergantino 112s was mind-blowing, and they’re my favorite cabs ever. I even almost bought a second rig just in case something happens to them! I’ve been incredibly impressed with both the new Bergantino forté and forté HP heads, and the whole upgradable features via USB is incredible.”

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Gear: The NV215, EX112’s

Mitch Friedman Interview

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