Claudio with this groove that has that vintage 70’s Cop TV show flavor! Claudio is using a passive P-Bass with lots of eq for tone shaping, compression, and some beautiful OD from the B|Amp. Caludio is using the Bergantino B|Amp and the NXT112!.

Bergantino Artist Isaac Levy walking some nice lines up and down while using the B|Amp and enjoying its supreme tonal flexibility.

Matthew Denis with an Old School Tube Chime using the forte HP amp and the NXT212 speaker.




Bergantino Artist Jacob Smith chicken picks his jazz bass in this groove! Jacob is using the B|Amp and NXT 212 cab along with his Fender.

Mr. Andy Irvine’s very cool meditation cello drone improvisation. Get your Zen going. Andy is using the forté HP 1200 watt amp and the HG412. Thank you Andy!