Posted on April 7, 2008

“Hi Jim. As you probably remember you and I have talked extensively regarding the differences between your IP310 and the AE410. I decided to go to your dealer in Ben Salem, PA, Bass Specialties, to compare the 2 cabs. Jim as you probably already know you have an awesome dealer in Glenn Marrazzos. I was in Glenn’s shop literally for hours on end doing my comparisons between the 2 previously mentioned cabs with various heads and preamps totally unencumbered by Glenn. Both cabinets sounded incredible! I finally chose the AE410 simply for reasons of portability. Well I’ve used my AE410 on about half a dozen gigs now and I’ve just got to tell you it has exceeded my expectations. In no way shape or form does this cabinet sound like the other neodymium speakers most of us are accustomed to. The cabinet is fat, tight and punchy. It also has a very quick attack with lots of bottom and no honky mids like other neos. Bottom line is that it sounds very much like a ceramic magnet and not a neo. Secondly the spray on finish of the cab is top shelf. It is so much nicer than that carpet finish most manufactures use. And finally because of the depth of the AE410 it fits in the back seat of my small car. You can’t ask for much more than that. Jim thanks so much for making such a great cab and for helping me achieve my sound. ” Best always, Neil Damato