Posted on Mar. 11, 2008

“Hi Jim, Just picked up your AE410 over the weekend and I have not stop smiling yet! Weight to Tone factor has been a huge issue for me. My back told me to stop lugging your HT322 to my gigs and boy did my tone take a big hit. I landed as most of us do on the Epifani thing which has been a love – hate relationship, but my back thanked me even though my ears where left wanting that magical Bergy sound. As soon as I heard your were offering the new AE line I was in route to my local dealer. We took my current Epifani UL310 and ran it up aginst your ae410 while my back was turned away from the cabinets I began to play. We started with my current rig. Once the cable was moved from the UL310 to your AE410 I said STOP!!!! I dropped my Epifani UL310 Series II in a heart beat once I got a taste of what your cabinet did for my continual search for the “Sound of Life”. for just a few pounds more I not only got a 4×10 cab which gave me more volume and size to the notes, I got that magical Bergy tone back. Now my tone is warm, fat, punches like nobodies business, articulate, huge bottom end, sizzles at the top…I can go on and on. I am so excited with your new line and very happy to be a customer again. Cudos to “Bass Specialities” and a special thanks to the owner Glen – his knowledge and eagerness to help his customers find the quest for tone whether it be a fantastic Bass guitar or a dynamite bass rig is something you should experience. Bass Specialties only carries the “best of the best” and Glen also is one heck of a nice guy! “Nothing moves you like Bass” ” Vance Ellis – Malvern, PA