Posted on April 8, 2003

“OK folks, I’m a complete tone freak and have a serious case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome), so needless to say I’ve owned (or tried) just about every piece of bass gear out there in my 15+ years of professional playing. Sound-wise, I’m not into your typical / standard bass tone, as I like my bass to growl slightly and to be rich and thick with harmonics (I play fingerstyle rock). I currently use a Music Man Sterling, and a Mesa M-Pulse 600 – and they are my absolute favorite bass and amp currently on the market. So, you would probably expect me to use a Mesa cabinet, such as their newly designed 6×10 or Powerhouse 1000. Well, I test drove those cabs and they are OK, but I was definitely not blown away by them. So, one day I talked to Jeff at M.A.E. (in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and he tells me that I need to check out a Bergantino cab if I want to be blown away. Well, I checked out the 322 and I was thoroughly impressed with it, but it just wasn’t my sound. I then learned that the NV610 had just been released and without hesitation I ordered one sight unseen after talking with Jim. Well, I’ve had it for over a week now and I can honestly say “WHEN YOU CRANK THIS BABY UP YOU BETTER HOLD ON TIGHT TO SOMETHING, CAUSE THIS THING WILL SEND YOU FLYING,” and the fact that the tone is the most wonderful, full, sweet sound that I’ve ever heard sure doesn’t hurt either. I would have gladly paid much more for this cabinet (the current price is a steal) and it truly is the HOLY GRAIL of bass tone for me! Thank you Jim!!!” Peace, Dave Tette, Jacksonville, FL