Posted on April 28, 2003

“Hi Jim, I finally got my HT-210 and HT-115 stack. Thank you for your suggestions on putting together this great combination! I am using a Kern pre-amp I just received last week along with the QSC PLX series power amp you recommended. I tried running the cabinets in stereo at 550 watts per channel but it wasn’t until I ran them in bridged mode that they really came alive and found their ‘voice’! They sound so good with more power. I used the rig out of the house for the first time today at a church rally day our band played at. The lead guitar player kept telling me how smooth and how much better it sounded than my previous gear. Thanks for a nice compliment in a 210 and 115 that are actually the same size so they stack nicely. Also, the padded covers are excellent protection for them. Again, thank you for all of your help, personal attention and your super products!! ” Don Gula Potts Grove, PA