Posted on May 17, 2003

“I recently purchased an HT322. I had a few questions prior to making the purchase. I traded a few emails with Jim and must say he was excellent from a customer service standpoint. He explained his answers to my questions in a friendly, professional manner and was very fast in responding to my emails. This initially started me off on a good foot with Jim. I don’t care how good a product is, if the customer service is not there when it comes time you need it, it’s worthless! Jim however, subscribes to a tantamount professionalism akin to Roger Sadowsky. No matter who you are, big name or not, you are treated with a very high level of courtesy and respect. I conclude that both of these guys are sincere in making the best products available for all players. This commitment is evident in Jim’s cabinet designs. As a 5-string player, I always wanted a cabinet that would accurately represent the entire frequency spectrum of my bass without distorting the lower frequencies! This cabinet delivers it and more. Echoing the sentiments of many others who rave on about the crystalline sound of Jim’s cabinets, I can only add that playing through my new HT322, I can finally hear what my Sadowsky has truly been saying to me all these years. Excellent product Jim, and best of luck for a successful future!” Sincerely, Johnny Mennonna