Posted on Aug. 28, 2012

“Jim & Crew, last Friday I purchased your HD212 cabinet from Willie’s in St. Paul. I have owned your single 12 cabs for several years and they have served me well. At outdoor shows and larger venues I usually use my Ampeg SVT & 8-10 cabinet. Yesterday I had an outdoor show and decided to see what the HD-212 would do. Well, my Ampeg rig may have found a new home (in the trailer). The HD212 did everything I wanted it to and more. Huge bottom end, very punchy and accurate. I was using my Sadowsky NYC 5 string along with a G&K Fusion 500 amp. After playing bass for nearly a half century through as you can imagine many different amps and cabinets, I have never been more impressed with a bass cabinet and happy with a purchase. It is shocking to hear what this cabinet can do. Thanks for making such great stuff!” Randy Sinz – Eau Claire, WI