Posted on Aug. 29, 2012

“I live in Boulder Colorado and play professionally in many different musical groups. Everything from classic rock, to jazz, to corporate party bands, to 13 piece horn bands playing Tower of Power and Steely Dan, then throw in some Cajun Zydeco and of course some Colorado country rock! A wonderful thing happened for the bass community along the front range last year when Dan Basica opened Premier Bass Guitars in Superior. It’s a fabulous store and Dan and his staff are just awesome. I went in to the store last week with 3 Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets (2 1×15’s and 1 4x10HLF) and walked out with a Berg HD410. I brought my Ampeg SVT Classic head into the store and played through the GK Neo series (disliked the supposedly modern sound). I next tried the Aguilar 2×12 …and 4×10 …very nice …but disliked the rear ports on the 4×10 (too messy sounding) the 2×12 was very nice sounding too but I wanted a 4×10. I pushed some sound through the Mesa 4×10 – it’s only real redeeming value being that it could rip your face off in the front row at a show – all loudness, no definition. I tried some used gear too …for my ears and my varied gig challenges …the HD410 fits the bill. It is an absolutely well made, beautiful sounding box that sings when coupled with the Classic SVT head and I also tried it with my GK400rb head – solid state can’t compare to tubes but I think my jazz group will be very happy with the sound! Thanks to Dan for carrying your amazing gear… and thanks to you guys …for making an almost perfect 4×10 cabinet for a working musician like me! ” Bill Capsalis