Posted on Dec. 1, 2004

“Jim, thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with me and also for your good advice. I immediately contacted Juan Ortiz at Basses Electric-Acoustic after our conversation, and inquired about the three brands of cabs I was initially interested in. He said all three brands were great but the Bergs were in a league of their own tone-wise. Now that I’m playing through my new HT210/HT115 ‘Berg Stack’, I couldn’t agree more. I use a Read Custom Purity tube preamp and I’m powering my Berg Stack with a Crest CA-9 power amp. I won’t be gigging for a few more weeks, but I’m playing through my new setup here at home quite a bit. My old Ampeg BXT410HL cabs did a good job when I was only playing 4-strings, but when I started playing a Roscoe SKB3006 6-string, it was painfully obvious that my Ampeg cabs weren’t up to the task when it came to reproducing the sound of my Roscoe’s thick low end and massive-sounding B-string. Plus, my Roscoe was built to my specs to have a ‘horn-like’ tone. Keith Roscoe really hit a grand slam when he built my bass! It has the sound I’ve been dreaming about for about the last 20 years. I wanted speaker cabinets that would allow the great sound of my Roscoe bass to be heard without altering it’s tone in any way. My Berg Stack does this flawlessly. I’ve been complaining forever regarding all of these so-called ‘hi-fi’ bass cabs that I’ve owned and used prior to buying my Berg cabs. Too many times I wasn’t able to get enough midrange emphasis from the cabs to cut through. It was really hard to hear myself when the stage volume got really loud. I could hear all of the other instruments, but my bass was constantly buried. I’d always comment: “Why can’t someone make a cab with a flat audio response?” “I want to hear what my bass really sounds like, these cabs add too much of their character and tone to my sound!” My Bergantino cabs are the final components in my dream rig. I can’t believe how clean and articulate my stack sounds, yet is has plenty of warmth, and a very detailed, musical tone. My Bergs also project the sound of my bass better than any cab I’ve owned or tried. It’s almost scary. After doing some A/B comparisons with my Ampeg cabs and my Berg stack, I have no doubts that my Bergs will have more than enough volume for any of the gigs I play. Plus, the combined weight of my HT210/HT115 stack weighs less than one of my Ampeg BXT cabs! My back thanks you, and so do my ears! Jim, thanks again for helping me choose the perfect cab setup for my needs and for making such fantastic cabs.” Best Regards, Derwin Moss – Salt Lake City, UT