Posted on Dec. 9, 2004

“It’s been well over a year now since I obtained my Begantino NV-215 bass cab. I’ve played my Hofner Vintage ’63 “Beatle” bass through it in a variety of settings and locations. Particularly I have played in on r & b southern-soul gospel concerts and recordings and it is beyond “warm” & “smoothe”. I run a hybrid “head” consisting of a Crest LT-1000 power amp coupled with an Avalon U-5 (like Paul’s) and it is the best tone I’ve ever heard. Plenty of power in the rig….never go past the 2nd notch (volume) on the U-5. I highly recommend this bass cab if you remember and especially like me, are still “stuck in the 60’s”! ” Mike Sanders – Harrodsburg, Kentucky