Posted on Dec. 15, 2003

“Thanks to Jim and his staff for the size, workmanship, and sound provided in those HT112 cabinets. Being an owner of Eden and Aguilar cabinets I was asked to try a Bergie HT112 from my friend Dave at More Music in Santa Cruz, CA. After months of badgering me to try one, I took one to a gig and never returned it. The money is in the mail and I ordered one more HT112. After reading all the posted comments I can’t wait to hear more Bergantino cabinets. I play F basses, Nathan East Yamahas, and passive Fenders. I alternate between a WT800 and GK 1001. They all sound great with the Bergantino. I will be calling Mr.Bergantino in the coming weeks to see what pre-amps and power amps he recommends.”