Posted on Jan. 05, 2004

“It’s been a few months now since I received my NV610 and I can say I’m very very pleased with this cabinet. This cab justs punches out bottom, mids, and plenty of sweet smooth highs. It is suprisingly easy to move and load. It is perfect for big venues as well as cramped smaller gigs. I’m powering my 610 with a QSC-2402 (bridged) and a Dememter VTBP201S most of the time. I also have a Walter Woods Ultra that does a fantastic job. I do want to mention my other favorite rig is either amp setup with my HT/EX112 cabs. Jim Bergantino is very helpful and really cares about his products and customers. I’ve waited quite a while to post, because I really wanted to make sure this is the gear I wanted to use for a very long time.” Dean Groom