Posted on Dec. 4, 2005

“Dear Jim: I purchased an HT 322 about 2 years ago and to this date it’s still going strong as the day I received it. This cab can kick ass against anything out there. There is no better cab made, period. I got an Eden “Metro” a Trace Eliott and a Carvin PB100-10 and these can’t hold a candle to your HT322. I own a series of basses. I have the following basses, Gibson “Thunderbird” Ibanez K5, Hofner 63 vintage, Pedulla “Thunderbass” Fodera Victor Bailey model and a Steinberger Synnapse. They all sound great through a Bergie HT322. I have a blues group, my 2 guitar players have tried their guitars on my Bergie and it sounds fantastic. We played a PRS Custom 22 on it and a Fender Jimi Hendrix strat on it and the sound was crystal clear. This cab is not for basses only but for guitars too. Just thought I’d let you know. I power my Ht322 with a EBS 350 amp head and never encountered a bit of trouble in the 2 years I had it. I use this amp everday. If you want the best and want to sound like the best than go with a Bergantino cab. I say no more. Thanks Jim! ” Sincerely, Tony Casaceli