Posted on Dec. 4, 2005

“I’ve had my two HT322s for well over a year now and all I can say is they are without a doubt, the most amazing cabs I have ever heard. I currently own an AccuGroove Whappo Jr. and a Trace Elliot BFC 4X10 + 1X15. I have spent a lot of time and money in my quest for great tone and I have listened to a lot of cabs from the likes of Epifani, Eden, Aguilar, Ampeg and Ashdown, etc. It seems to me that there is always a trade off with other cabs, good mids but lack bottom, good bottom and mids but lack top end. Not so with the Bergies, from the deep lows to the absolute sweetest highs the HT322 is the fullest sounding cabinet I have ever heard. I have used a Demeter HBP-1 preamp with a Crest CA 9 power amp as well as a Trace Elliot AH1000-12 and both sound fantastic run through the Bergies. Another stand out quality of the Bergies is in their ability to work for any style of music I play. Whether I’m slapping funk lines on one of my MTD 535s or playing heavy rock in drop tuni! ng on my Modulus Q5 the 322s deliver. Mr. Bergantino’s exceptional customer service is just the icing on the cake. ” Dominick J. – Mesa, AZ