Posted on Feb. 20, 2011

“I can’t believe that I have said for the past two years nothing can replace MB cabinets for sound and weight, well I was so very wrong. I walked in Club Bass yesterday for an amp bag only and after been explained the difference and checking reviews on my iPhone about your cabinets, I walked out with a new AE112 cabinet, and as soon as i got home hooked it up to my MB Fusion Head and using a ‘59 p-bass, WOW What a difference, clear, tight with lots of bottom end and awesome highs. Not muddy at all and no frumpy sound coming from the speaker which just kills a good mix with a full band. After that I a/b’ed the Berg and MB cabinets one at a time and both together, AE112 wins hands down for overall sound. Next Purchase another AE112 or maybe AE210. Anybody wants a great deal on NY112 Cabinet. Anyway, thank you Bergantino for listening and making what all bass players should have as there cabinets. ”