Posted on Mar. 22, 2011

“Hello Jim, I currently have two of your wonderful HS210 cabs. I pair them with an Aguilar DB751 amplifier and a Fender P-Bass with flat wounds. For the first time in 40 years of bass playing I have a combination that matches what my minds ear hears. The cabinets handle every watt I can throw at them and the tone is incredible. I use one for practice and two for shows. I’ve gotten many compliments on my tone from audience members in the know. Thank you Jim I have been GAS free for almost two years and that in itself is really saying something. Your cabinets are the only cabinets I even consider. I have owned the following Bergantino cabinets at one time or another HS410 x 2, NV610 x 2, HT12ER, EX12ER, HT115 and lastly HT210. I settled on the two HS210’s for tone and portability reasons. Although I keep thinking I may need to go back to the NV610. Never was able to try the ones I owned with the Aggie but I just know that combination would be really something. – Lex ”