Posted on July 11, 2003

“I have had my Bergantino HT322 for about two months now and played several gigs. The HT322 has a rich and warm, yet fast, solid, punchy, and articulate deep bass up through mid-bass response & tone which seemlessly integrates with a very clear & smooth midrange all the way up through the silky sweet treble (the high frequency driver on this cabinet is incredible). When driven really hard in my system, the sound starts taking on a tubey-overdriven, slightly compressed sound that somehow manages to retain the articulation of each note and yet has a meaty edge to it (still, somehow smooth), especially from the mid-bass down. And I mean all the way down; this thing can really project a low ‘B’ with “testicular fortitude”. Thank you Jim for making such a great speaker system.” John Harris (aka “lo-freq”)