Posted on July 12, 2003

“I bought my first Bergantino cabinet in October 2002. I now own the following: HT210, HT115, HT310, and NV610. I play a variety of basses ranging from passive Fenders to active high-end “boutiques” and they all sound great through Bergantino cabinets. That especially includes the low B strings. The HT210 keeps up just fine at loud rehearsals with a drummer. I used an HT310/HT115 stack at a completely outdoor gig with no PA support, and got all the volume I needed, including amazing low end throb. For most gigs I use the HT310 alone, or an HT210/HT115 stack. I use the NV610 when I want that SVT magic. Everyone who owns an HT322 says it’s your best cabinet yet, and I suspect I’ll add one of those to my collection soon. Last but not least: as most of us here know, Jim Bergantino understands the value of customer service and delivers the best. Thanks, Jim!” Ken Fiester