Posted on July 19, 2003

“Hi Jim, Just wanted to thank you for the phone call to help me with my choice of cabs (EX 112) and your expert advice on EQ settings. (flat is beautiful) Ran the Eden WT 400 with flat EQ and turned the enhance off. Ran the EQ on my bass flat. The only adjustments I made was pick up selection. I am use to getting comments on how great my US Masters bass sounds. Now folks are really taking notice. I played this cab for the first time at church last week and after the service had several people comment on how awesome the bass sounded that night. The sound man who in the past has told me that the bass was too loud coming off the stage told me that he was glad I had it cranked up because it sounded so good! The drummer told me it was the best he’d ever heard. Even had a guitar player who was at the service come up to me to tell me how great my bass sounded. Our worship pastor was a full time professional recording engineer before he started at the church and he was loving it. (!He leads from the keyboard)Don’t remember his exact words but it was something like. “That’s what bass is suppose to sound like!!” Guys like him are very fussy. He once told me that the only thing he likes cheese on was his burgers!! I had been playing through a 4×10 cab. Your cab blows it out of the water. I play a 5 string and was truly amazed at how sweet the low B string sounds through it. The EX 112 is way more than I ever expected and worth every dime that I paid for it. We are going to do some recording in a few weeks and I am looking forward to micing this cab as well as using a DI. I hope to get another cab in the near future. Either the HT112 or may even get another EX112. It’s scary to think what a pair of these would do. Ok guys you’ve played the rest; now it’s time to play the best!! Ebay needs your old cabs! Before I forget, Bass Northwest is awesome!! Thanks Steve and Evan for your great service, quick email response and fast shipping! The Bible says to make a joyful noise to the Lord!! Thanks again Jim. May the Lord continue to prosper your business. Hope to be talking to you soon.” Mike