Posted on July 15, 2007

“I posted on 03/18/05 regarding my NV215. Since then I purchased the NV425, and I get to wire both of them to my Aguilar DB750 on occasion. It is rather beholding standing in front of 3-10s and 3-15s at 2 Ohms through one of Aguilar’s best amps ever… especially cabinets designed by Mr. Bergantino. I can keep the volume relatively low, and I still move a huge volume of air. Simply amazing! BTW… glad to see the NV610 and NV215 back on the market, Jim. I was one of those who was surprised you took the NV series into hibernation in the first place. I’m considering adding the NV610 to my collection… ” Posted on July 27, 2007 “ Tal Wilkenfeld’s sound is superb. She uses Bergantino. Must be goood. ”