Posted on July 30, 2007

“Good day Jim. I must take this opportunity to thank you. Just recieved my first two Bergantino cabinets and they are the most responsive, articulate and smooth sounding cabinets I have ever heard. My set up includes an HT112 and HT122S. Most trypically I am having to battle the low end rumble created by a PA with dual 18’s on each side. Your cabinets have “NO” problem cutting thru. They also respond evenly throughout all frequencies. I can finally hear all the stuff I was doing that other cabinets couldn’t articulate. Flat out, I love my “Berg’s”! And… all this huge sound… fits on the front seat of my 2 door Saturn coupe. Haha. Finally a bass cabinet that sounds like “butta” and isn’t insanely obtuse. Thank you, Jim. ”