Posted on July 9, 2004

“I planned on waiting until the “honeymoon” period was over before posting comments on my HT112 and EX112 cabs. It has been about four months since my purchase and the honeymoon period is still going strong. I play through them at least 5 days per week. I tried out most of the Berg cabs as well as others such as Aguliar, Eden, etc, but came back to the HT and EX combo set up. They sound scary good when I use a pick on flat wounds, great with my five with SS rounds, finger style, etc. I do a little slapping and they sound good but I think the 322 sounds better for that kind of thing. More often than not I am playing pretty loud and am amazed at what these little babies can put out. I had to ask Evan at Bass Northwest if I was crazy for running these two midget cabs as loud as I do. He just smiled and said, “not at all”.”