Posted on June 22, 2004

“Hello. I bought the HT112 and EX112 after playing through them only a couple of minutes. My main rig is a Bag End S15D-X with an AccuGroove Tri112 on top. My temporal center now being NYC, there’s no use in trying to lug around an El Whappo to every gig! I love it but it had to stay in KC. My new location has given me an excuse to buy more gear and put together a small, portable, “subway-friendly” rig. I have been drooling over the WW amps ever since I played through an older dual-channel my former bass teacher owns. For cabs, I was considering Epifani’s UL series, the Aguilar 112 and of course the Bergies! The only mentioned cabs that were available for audition anywhere near Lawrence, KS was Mass Street Music. They now carry Aguilar products and had two 112s they let me audition for a couple nights. They were so light and very small. One huge annoyance was the handle. There’s just one handle and it’s mounted on the right side if you’re looking at it from the front (stacked horizontally). If you stack them with the labels orientated correctly (horizontal), no problem. When stacking them vertically the handles make even stacking the cabs themselves unstable. It would be foolish to try and put an amp on top of it. Little things like this make the Bergantino cabs a step above their competitors. After playing a Clarus 1 through one HT112 I was completely smitten with the combo. The salesperson told me that Jim recommends using the HT with the EX. I then tried the HT/EX combination and was so stirred I bought them right up. I didn’t even have my own bass to audition the cabs, either! Now my rig will be a Clarus 1, Berg HT112 and EX112. It will take some time for the cabs to settle and I look forward to making comparisons to other familiar cabinets and amplification. Jim you’ve done a hell of a job, here!” Cheers, B