Posted on June 1, 2004

“Bergantino, I don’t know where to begin with these cabs except that they are like nothing else I’ve tried in the past. And I do mean NOTHING. These cabs have yet to be discovered by my fellow bassists (some of whom are still struggling with find their ‘sound’). I usually portray an advocate of good news and it would be more than a boost of persuasion for these guys to hear these cabinets. Maybe (and most likely) it will change their minds. I know that from here on out these cabs will always be a firsthand choice for me. There’s a catch phrase that I hear quite often whenever a new product makes its way into the marketplace; usually whatever ‘IT’ may be, ‘IT KICKS ASS’. In this particular case, ‘BERGANTINO KICKS ASS’. On the day I purchased my first HT112 cabinet, it took several hours prior to making a choice. During that time I’m able to try four of the larger cabs; I was ridiculously blown away by every damned one of these loud bastards, thus making my choice even harder. Being that the HT112 would eventually have become my choice, I’m anxiously brimming with impatience in preparation for my later gig at an outside venue while at the same time, I’m pondering about being outside – I HATE PLAYING OUTSIDE. But, nonetheless, the 112 make an unbelievable impact on me. I’ll never doubt these cabs again. I received nothing but comments about this cab all night because it speaks for itself. In the near future, my next cab will be the HT210. I’m definitely sure it’ll blow me away – like Michael J. Fox from “BACK TO THE FUTURE”. Bergantino, you guys are setting the standard for the future. Thanks and keep up the good work.” Craig Shaw